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Charging Technology Applied in Mobile Phones

In the past few years, there are several learning institutions that have done thorough research on how they can further enhance the time that a battery could retain its power. They've invested a lot of resources and time on unveiling better manufacturing technology and battery charging. Some of the most recent developments happened in this industry include but not limited to:


Number 1. Ultra Rapid Chargers


Most of the time, a big volume of smart phone's battery are able to retain its charge for a duration of 5 hours while it's being used in a 3G network and 6 hours while the phone is used in a 2G network. The standby time on the other hand significantly longer which can last between 470 to 545 hours.


Many different manufacturers are working hard on ultra rapid chargers which are branded to be spontaneous and clever charging mechanisms. Using this particular technology, it is possible to charge a smart phone's battery from 0 to its almost full capacity in less than 60 minutes. Click Here!


Number 2.Powerbank


There are many powerbanks that have been designed and developed in the past several years. There actually many power ratings that these powerbanks have; some come in 5000, 9000, 15000 and even 20000 mAh which can charge your device several times over. There's high probability that more efficacious and sophisticated products would be made in the future. To read more about the benefits of mobile products, visit


Number 3. Super Capacitors


This is yet another technology which can likely transform this industry. These super capacitors can fit between rechargeable cells as well as regular battery. These devices can be quickly charged, has a rugged design and at the same time, can provide thousands of charge cycles to the device. Click Here!


Number 4. Screens with Solar Panels


In this particular technology, touch screens of different smart phones are equipped with a very thin layer of solar charging cells. Such cells can add around 15 percent to the battery just by exposing it to direct sunlight.


Number 5. Wireless Charging


Another major breakthrough in mobile phone charging technology and has been widely endorsed by tons of smart phone companies. In this charging technology, the users don't necessarily need to connect any cables from their phone to the charger brick. Rather, all they need to do is to buy the charging pad and put their phone on top of it. The pad will wirelessly charge the device without any cables and can full charge a device pretty much how fast charging technology works.